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Sonic (Sun) Salutations (2008)

For pedal harp, alone or several harps not necessarily in unison.
Duration 2 minutes to 24 hours for a complete a cycle.

Twelve brief tonal gestures acknowledging distinct times of the day and night.

Limited edition in manuscript. Presented on heavy weight single folded page 9.5" X 12.5". Signed and numbered by the composer.

Brillo (2002)

Harp and accordion

Rapid scrubbing gestures on the harp and accordion transition in harmonic unison. Notation is in alphabetical scales for accordion and pedal forms for the harp.

Limited edition in manuscript. Presented on heavy weight page 9" X 12" with page of notes. Signed and numbered by the composer.

Somna M. Bulist is an accomplished electro-acoustic harp soloist and has performed her music in cross over venues such as CBGBs Alchemy, Arlene's Grocery, Mother, a New York Metropolitan Vampyre Society and more. Somna made her first public appearance at the 1998 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, where she performed her original work for solo harp, The FAERYE Invocations, and, in the same year, a selection of the pieces were released on her debut CD, Invocations FAERYE. She premiered her situational work in tribute to the millennium, 44 minutes on the flatline_A Cry for the Millennium, at the 1999 New York International Fringe Festival, a production of The Present Company. At the 2001 Philadelphia Fringe Festival she performed Valentine Stigmata her three-part minimalist opera inspired by ceremonial Qabalist chant. Ms. Bulist is a 2006 ASCAPLUS award recipient for performances of her original compositions in rock clubs and new music events in New York City, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. She is a member of The American Harp Society and the International Alliance for Women in Music. Presently she lives in rural Central Pennsylvania.


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