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The Elementals (2010)

Four movements for Harp
I. Dark Moon
II. Primordial Gnome
III. Trismegistus
IV. The Eldritch Hush

"For microtonal harp tuned in a combination of equal temperament and just intonation. Meditations on the pre-universe, the birth of imagination, the perseverance of humankind, and the opening of a window into time and space."

Limited edition in print engraving with additions by the composer. Presented on archival 11"X 17" unfolded pages with a cover. Signed and numbered by the composer.

Ben Richter is a composer and accordionist. He has composed music for numerous ensembles including the American Symphony Orchestra, the Da Capo Chamber Players, the New York Miniaturist Ensemble, and harpist Somna M. Bulist. He also produces film scores and installation sound pieces. He has recorded and performed with several rock, folk, jazz, and klezmer groups, including his own bank, The Land of Dreams. Fron 2004 to 2008, he was musical director of the Surrealist Training Circus; since 2009, he is Master Teacher of Instrumental Composition at the Young People's Institute.

Ben Richter studied accordion with Pauline Oliveros, and composition at Bard College with Joan Tower, George Tsontakis, and Kyle Gann. He is currently completing the M. M. in composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.


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